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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and office despite calls to resign. >> the latest is that two members of the city council have called for mayor gray to resign. this was a difficult day for vincent gray who was acknowledging his legal troubles at a news conference this morning. one after another of his campaign supporters have pleaded guilty in court. yesterday harris said she participated in an illegal off the books campaign financed by geoffrey thompson. i asked if he is concerned that residents think he is corrupt. >> there are lots of people that will probably have that question. i know who i am. i get up every day and i see somebody i respect. >> he seemed startled himself saying it was not the campaign he intended to run. >> i have said too many people i
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got into this for the right reasons. i probably could have stayed on as council chair were done nothing. >> with two councilmembers run out of office for corruption, now the mayor threatened. >> this is really disappointing for washington. i am very sad about that. >> one resident displayed a t- shirt describing the d.c. leaders as felons. >> i hope it is not true. i do not really know what to say. it is kind of bad. is looking bad. >> i do not think people give him a break for a chance to see who he really is. >> talking to reporters, gray had to be careful about comments today. they could later be used in court. >> a reporter asked the mayor if he intends to serve out his
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term. his response is that he has no plans to do otherwise. two councilmembers again today called for a great to resign. gray says he does not plan to resign. >> thank you. you can read more details about the campaign scandal and follow the story by checking out >> now to capitol hill, republicans are sending a message about president obama's health-care law. the house voted to repeal the legislation. scott thuman is following it from the satellite center. >> it was a big vote, although in many eyes clearly symbolic. some critics call it a complete waste of time and money. then again most are about money. since the supreme court said the penalty for not buying health insurance would be a tax republicans say repealing it could save 20 million people from the tax.
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>> the fight that spills from the streets all the way into the supreme court was back on capitol hill today. >> welcome to groundhog day in the house of representatives. >> the debate -- should be affordable care act be repealed. what's the american people do not wanted. >> americans want us to stop jerking them around. >> the final vote -- to 44-185 dominated by republicans to call it a job killing law. >> we came to do a job. >> next it tends to a democratic dominated senate almost certain to die. republicans insist the door will not be shut. >> here is the good news, the
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voters get the last word in november. >> the man promising to do a way with it made his pitch to a less than receptive the naacp today. >> i will eliminate every expensive program i can find, that includes obamacare. i will work to -- [boos] >> president obama meeting to discuss the legislative agenda. democrats argue this is that the more the political theater. any full repeal would take away from people pose a livelihood and their safety. >> now more in the aftermath of the big storm. residents and officials want to know why it took so long to restore power and deny what one service after the june 29 storm. -- and 911 service after the june 29 storm.
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one idea is to bury the power lines underground. we received a mixed reaction about that from residents in bethesda. >> it is hard. i think it is difficult for most average americans in this economy to swallow that price. >> it is time for change. every time there is no power we lose a lot of food. it is worth it. >> several executives talk about the cost for burying the lines at $6 billion for washington, d.c. alone. it maryland they have urged regulators to take action against pepco for its alleged poor performance in restoring power. >> we had a another storm last night. it caused some problems for local people. instead of high winds it was heavy rain. in northwest washington, dozens
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of homeowners are soaking up and trying to clear away debris from last night's flash flood. one of the hardest-hit areas was on a rhode island ave. >> i would like them to do whatever they need to do to make it stop flooding. >> the fire department came with boats. >> people in the neighborhood say the area is prone to flooding. an old creek once ran through it. some expected to flood again eventually. for now they are cleaning up the latest damage. what the fbi is preparing to review thousands of criminal convictions for more than a decade. they are identifying historical cases for review. the review follows stories from the washington post about potentially faulty labwork. >> the state looked into his
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department after the aclu says they conducted unjustified background searches on several people. the names were reportedly on an enemy's list of county executive john leopold. they will drop the investigation with the chief retires. >> still to come, another poll showing a tight race for the white house. >> and another hit to a major department store chain. we will tell you about j.c. penney's latest round of layoffs.
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collect>> this poll continues to show a tight race between the president and mitt romney. this shows the president with a three-point lead over mitt romney. in this poll, marital status has a lot to do with the result. married men and women prefer mitt romney while single americans lead in the direction
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of the president. >> the board of elections has certified a petition to put the state's news same-sex marriage law on the november ballot. maryland voters will decide whether to uphold or repeal the law. opponents gathered more than 162,000 signatures to force a public vote. advocates and those against it will have to create ballot committees and track donations and expenses. >> a delta airlines is facing a possible seven figure five tonight. there are considering a $1 million penalty after delta flew planes that were not in compliance with regulations. the violations included broken parts on two aircraft. they have 30 days to reach -- 30 days to respond to the agency. >> the j.c. penney department store chain has more layoffs looming. this follows the layoffs of 600
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people back in april. a recent change of ceos. j.c. penney is struggling with its image after a new pricing plan that eliminated sales and turn of shoppers. >> a local program helps prepare inmates for jobs after their release from prison. >> i hate to tell you this, a return to warmer temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> there is still no deal between the redskins and robert griffin. is there another superstar waiting in the wings for the capitals?
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>> i do not have to tell you with the unemployment rate as high as it is, it is hard to find jobs. >> getting access offenders into jobs is critical to keeping the community safe. it >> my dad was incarcerated when i was 10-years old.
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but better serving a 15-year sentence, he was shackled to his past as he tried to find work. what they saw him as a violent threat. >> he is back in jail -- to help inmates like her father. >> we work on attitude, work ethic. >> he is also learning how to become a computer technician. clucks i am thankful for being here. >> thankful for the opportunity to turn his life around. this program gives inmates the confidence to find and maintain employment. >> i made bad choices but i do want to change my life around. >> at a cost of $50,000 a year, the warden says there is a big return on the investment in
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terms of saving money and public safety perry >> when somebody is reintegrated into the community if we can get them a job the likelihood of them coming back to jail is greatly reduced. >> if we do not help them they will commit new crimes, harm our families. this is truly a community problem. >> inmates can continue building their career skills at community centers and wieden and germantown. -- in wheaton and germantown. >> i think i can feel the temperature rising a little bit. >> next week it will be back in the 90's. >> not 100's. the sailboats out this afternoon. training is underway. comfortable temperatures, light winds and nice weather across
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the area. it is going to get hot and humid again but it will be a slow ramp up process. when we do talk about in the low 90's, we would be just in the low 90's, not 105 or 106. falls church is 85. dewpoint temperatures in the upper 50's and of 60's. when you have temperatures in this range, that is comfortable for july in washington. 89 the official high at reagan national. 73 the morning low. there are some areas of showers will to the northwest. they are diminishing just north of martinsburg. that is it for precipitation chances to that period may be similar stuff out west tomorrow. the best chances for thunderstorms will come friday and over the weekend. 82 in pittsburgh. look at raleigh they have had
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downpour's all day. that is because just to the south is a stationary boundary in the atmosphere focusing all the rain. that will lift to the north as we head for the next few days. what lies south of this zone is the hot and humid air. that will come back in our direction. it will be a slow ramp up. temperatures on our future cast through the overnight hours 60's, lower 70's. as we move into friday, a few more showers may flare up locally in the local area. here is our story for the next several days. 87 tomorrow, on a 20% chance of a shower. if gems up to 30% and a few more clout on friday. 90 degrees on saturday. on sunday and monday, hot and humid, lower 90s.
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it will stay around 94 straight to the middle of next week. >> this is the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> there is a payoff to winning the all-star game. >> it is all about home field. a lot of people are still talking about the all-star game. the national league won for the third straight year. the national league has won the last two fall classics. it is more than likely the nationals will be in the heart of the pen and race. strasburg as a pitch count of 160 innings. the national's mean business. he is optimistic about the second half. >> we have a lot of baseball to play. i think we will be ok. we have a great group of guys. we have a lot of young talent. there are a lot of veterans that have been there before.
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they will make sure that we keep playing along. >> he says he will go out kicking and fighting. he does not want to sit down. the robert griffin contract watch continues. if their new quarterback is not signed by then he will have to sit out creep training camp work. robert griffin expects to be signed in the next couple of days but he is an los angeles for the espy awards. we did reach out to the agent today, but neither he nor the redskins would comment. for hockey fans, the new head coach is inheriting a team that is a stanley cup contender. he has been looking at some of their new young talent. >> the capitals have been showcasing the future all week. it sure is bright with 17-year- old phillip. he hails from sweden. he was rated the top european
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project -- prospect in the draft. he will play at least one more year overseas. >> it depends on how good i play. if i have a good year, maybe i can stay another year. >> then there is tom wilson the team's other top pick. >> i think it is my type of play throwing the body. that is the first thing a thing people notice when the watch me play. >> both rookies look forward to the challenge of making the club and playing for head coach and hall of famer adam oates. >> i am excited to get feedback from him and put into my game. >> hopefully i can have him as a coach in the coming years. >> everybody excited about the usa basketball team. it is loaded.
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do not get carried away. is still not the dream team. the difference is, it is a very young team and i think he is good for them. on the widespread speculation about the trade. both sides say it is over. and no deal for dwight howard going to brooklyn. it is hard to say brooklyn the nets.
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>> more breaking news regarding the campaign scandal. d.c. council member bowser says she also wants gray to step down. they're all talking about a resignation of the mayor. latest coming up at 11:00. >> a quiet night for the metro area. check out the next seven-days. partly cloudy and a chance of upper 80's tomorrow. hot and humid weather friday, saturday, sunday and monday with more storms. more tonight at 11:00.
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what a president believes matters. mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing us jobs to low-wage countries. he supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. president obama believes in insourcing. he fought to save the us auto industry and favors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home. outsourcing versus insourcing. it matters. i'm barack obama, and i approved this message.
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